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Kinder Morgan Border Pipeline LLC ("KM Border") owns and operates approximately 97 miles of 24 inch pipe that extends from the International Border between the United States and Mexico to a point of interconnection with Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline LLC located at the King Ranch, in Kleburg County, Texas. This pipeline is capable of importing Mexican gas into the United States, and exporting domestic gas to Mexico. The capacity of the pipeline is approximately 300,000 MMBtu per day. KM Border does not own or operate any storage facilities.


For information about Trading, contact:  Gary Lamphier, (713) 369-8730
For information about Sales and Transportation, contact:  Larry Bell, (713) 369-8776
For information about Pipeline Operations, contact:  Gary Buchler, (713) 369-8463
For information about Right-of-Way, contact:  Johnny McGee, (713) 369-8723
For information about Pipeline Scheduling, contact: Holly Breaux, (713) 369-9271
For information about Contract Administration, contact:  Rick Dietz, (713) 369-9419
For information about Invoices/Gas Accounting, contact: Lynn Kimball, (713) 369-8831
For information about credit worthiness, contact:  Bob Bowers, (303) 914-4774
DART Access and Security issues contact:  Security Coordinator, (713) 369-6767

Firm Sales Service

Interruptible Sales Service

Firm Purchase Service

Interruptible Purchase Service

Firm Transportation Service

Interruptible Transportation Service

Risk Management Service

Firm Sales Service
Traditional merchant function.
Interruptible Sales Service
Short term trading.
Firm Purchase Service
Long term supply.
Interruptible Purchase Service
Short term supply.
Firm Transportation Service
Traditional pipeline service.
Interruptible Transportation Service
Short term service.
Risk Management Service
NYMEX hedging services, such as triggers, swaps, collars, etc.
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